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Tues, Jul 12

Bexar County Rx Card is launched! Press release coming soon. Learn more


Introducing the Bexar County Rx Card!

A new, free, program designed to help residents save money on medication costs.

Inside you'll find a discount drug card that could save you an average of over 40% on prescription drug at local pharmacies when insurance doesn't cover you. And you'll learn about a unique research tool that anyone can use to find out if there are lower cost options available for you.

Ready to save?

Download a card right now that you can use today at any participating pharmacy. It's easy and it's free.

Wondering how this works?
That’s not unusual. Here, you’ll find out how the program works and who would benefit from it.
Facebook? Twitter? Blog?

Yeah, we got that. This is your chance to listen, watch and talk back! Keep an eye out for chances to win, too!

iPhone and Android apps? Cool.
Now, you don’t even need a card. Just download the app and show it at the pharmacy counter. But these apps don’t just stop there. They’ve got another surprise or two up their sleeves.