The Bexar County Rx Card Program: a Discount Drug Card with no Strings Attached

Managed by, the Bexar County Rx Card Program provides a simple way for residents to get the prescriptions they need at a fraction of the cost. It is free to the cardholder, free for the county and even free to anyone in the cardholder’s family who uses it. There is no expiration date, no annual restrictions and no limits as to how often you can use the card.

What it Does

Bexar County residents save an average of 43% off of their medications and can use their card for additional discounts off of their existing prescription plan. And, unlike other discount drug programs, Bexar County Rx (BCRX) discounts many designer drugs and those not covered by traditional prescription plans.

Why it works

Pharmacies have overhead costs, but like all businesses, collaboration is key. When a pharmacy agrees to lower its retail cost for prescription drugs sold to our cardholders, it recognizes that the collective power of the card group offers them new customers – loyal customers who are likely to purchase additional merchandise in their store. If reducing your costs enables you to refill your monthly prescription as needed (vs. doing without), that local pharmacy now has a returning, happy customer.

With any luck, you’ll bring your friends, and that means even more returning, happy customers.

Plus, with the free marketing that the BCRX provides to your favorite pharmacies (there are 240 currently participating in Bexar County), their bottom line will be better than had they not agreed to give you a discount in the first place…further proof that it pays to be kind.

How it Works

  1. 1. Visit and request your card.
  2. We’ll never ask you for personal information such as your age or income, and there’s no registration forms or fees. In about three seconds (Seriously! Go see for yourself) your new card will be ready to print.
  3. 2. <Print your Bexar County Rx Card.
  4. 3. Present it to the pharmacy when you pick up your prescription.


[Click here to get your free Bexar County Rx Card.]

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