bexar county rx card mobil app

Mobile apps

Want to know a secret? Most of the time, the pharmacy only needs a quick look at your card to take the four number fields down and enter them into your system. And most pharmacies, once they have your card's numbers in their system don't need to see it again. Each time you come back tell them "please use the card on file" and that'll cover it.

But you still have to print out a card or pick one up at one of the many card pickup locations.

Now we offer two easy ways to get a card without actally getting a card. Mobile applications for the iPhone and the popular Android devices are on there way!

You simply download the app, which, of course, are free, show the "card" at your pharmacy counter and you're set!

Need to find the closest participating pharmacy? Just click on the "pharmacies" button. You can also set a reminder for your next prescription picked that gets put right on your device's calendar.

There you have it. Quick and easy. Download on the fly. Save on the fly.