A Free Prescription Drug Card Without Boundaries and Limitations

Loopholes and limitations are frustrating.  If you’re tired of “this is free…except…” Read on…

The BexarCountyRxCard Program has no geographic boundaries, no formulary limitations and no usage restrictions.

No Boundaries

More than 240 Bexar County pharmacies are already participating. And, if you find a drug store that carries your prescription for less, there’s a good chance the Bexar County Rx Card can save you even more.

(Visitors to San Antonio, take note: This is also convenient while traveling and your neighborhood pharmacy is not an option. Got mobile? You can access the Bexar County Rx Card site with your mobile phone and find participating pharmacies, even while on the go.)

No Formulary Limitations

Drugs approved by your insurer are often broken down into approximately three tiers. For example, your co-pay on a medication may be $10, $25 or $50, depending on which tier your insurer says it falls under. Recently, you may have noticed that your lower-tiered prescription has moved up a tier. Consequently, it’s become more expensive.

We’ve noticed that too.

You may have also found that your prescription is no longer covered by insurance, forcing your doctor to choose a cheaper, approved drug. If you already have a prescription that’s working for you, why switch to something with unknown side effects? If your drug is excluded, you may still be able to get it for a reasonable price, sometimes for less.

What about excluded drugs?

Our discount drug card includes many prescriptions not covered by insurance, such as birth control pills and lifestyle drugs (including Viagra and Cialis). It also includes often-excluded anti-fungal medications and many migraine pills.

No Usage Restrictions

With the Bexar County Rx Card, you can use one card for your family or provide each family member with his or her own card. There’s no fee and it doesn’t matter if one family member is insured, while another is not.

To get your free prescription drug card, click here.


Uninsured NOT Unemployed: Prescription Drug Help for the
Gainfully Employed


At one time, being uninsured was synonymous with being unemployed. Or, it implied that a family was living at poverty level – and it was somehow their fault. The stigmas associated with a lack of health care were born out of a lot of assumptions. We’d like to dispel those faulty beliefs…right now.

In truth, of the uninsured living in the State of Texas, more than 29% of the population earns between $20 to $40K per year, while more than 23% earn between $40 to $80K. The average income currently falls at $47K annually. 

The flip side of this is that only 49% of private organizations in Texas offer health insurance, compared to the 56% Nationwide Average. And at 26%, Texas ranks as the highest uninsured state in the country (the National Average falls just over 16%).

What does that mean for Texans living in Bexar County? It means that many gainfully employed people are not offered insurance and aren’t willing (or able) to foot the bill for 100% of their monthly health insurance fees. It also means that educated people have found a better way to save money on prescription drugs. For the Bexar County Rx Card carrier, here’s what can be done to reduce your medication costs:

1) If your household income, for a family of four, is $88,200 or you are an individual earning less than $43,320 per year, you may qualify for Pharmaceutical Assistance Program (PAP).

Regardless of whether you qualify for PAP or not …

2) Find a community health center that has a pharmacy. Many federally-subsidized centers have an onsite-pharmacy and can provide the best deal in prescription prices.

3) Present your Bexar County Rx Card.

To give you an idea of how much that can save Bexar County Rx Card carriers on a monthly basis, let’s take a look at some of the more common prescriptions used in the county:

Drug: Monthly Savings:
Tramadol $30.55
Zolpidem Tartrate (generic Ambien) $44.35
Metformin HCL $58.47
Lisinopril $20.63


Visit our FAQ page for more details on how you can save money off of prescriptions drugs. Click here to get your free Bexar County Rx Card.


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Texans are Setting a New Trend in Preventative Care


First, the one-two punch that brought us down…

The December 2007 recession contributed to a dramatic rise in unemployment in the United States, leaving many people without benefits and – as a result – proper medical care. Texans were hit particularly hard as the state rose from a 4.3 unemployment rate to 8.0 from 2007 to 2011. 

Meanwhile, the health care industry is currently faced with an increase in chronic conditions among adults – partially due to individuals lacking the ability to afford preventative care – resulting in greater spending by employers trying to cover the ongoing costs in the form of benefits.

Being unable to take preventative steps in our own health and well-being  eventually leads to more doctor’s visits, hospitalization and an overall increase in both physical problems and medical costs – costs which could have been prevented had  we been able to get the prescription drugs necessary before the problem escalated. 

Making a comeback in the fifth round…

What people may not know is that from 1999-2005, America saw a drop in the cost of prescriptions due to generic drugs being introduced on the market and insurance companies offering tiered co-pays. Our overall spending went from 18% to 6%.

Then, In 2006, that rate went back up to 9% due to designer drugs and better medications to replace those with potentially harmful long-term side-effects. More expensive, yes, but still better overall because now we have the potential of more effective, generic drugs available at a fraction of the cost.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, approximately 80% of drugs currently have a generic equivalent. If that’s the case, why aren’t we using them?

This brings us back to what we’ve been saying all along – the Bexar County Rx Card discount drug program provides an alternative to high-cost drugs, and Equivameds can help find the generic equivalent to otherwise expensive designer medications. Now, employers, the insured and the uninsured can afford benefits that include better quality preventative drugs.

Reduced Spending = Preventative Care = A Healthier Bexar County

See the trend?