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There's a lot of things going on today in prescription drugs. Healthcare reform. Regular drug price increases. Brands going generic. New programs from retailers. Recalls. Safety noticies and more.

How does this affect your wallet or pocketbook and how you'll buy prescription drugs in the future?

We'll do our part to keep you informed and everything and anything we catch wind of that may impact you, your local pharmacy, and your family's health.

And in the meanttime we hope you'll join the discussion and share your observations on both Twitter and Facebook. What did you pay for that drug with the card? How much did you save over last month? What are you hearing at your drug store that may impact others in Bexar County? Feel free to share the word?

As managers of the program, BetterRxCard has already established conversation on many topics and, through our blog, we hope to start others.

So join in and give us your thoughts. Along the way, we might just have a little fun!


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