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It is time to print out your free Bexar County Rx Card! If you don't want to fill in any information then just click "PRINT MY CARD" now.

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Optional fields. Sometimes, people like to customize their card, but it is not necessary nor required.

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Also optional. If you choose to provide us your Email address we will share with you our latest blog posts and new information on saving money on prescription drugs.

What's next?

After you click the submit button you will be brough to a new screen which is your card print out page. Either click on the print button or use your browser's print feature (control-P on many computers). A moment later, you will have your card and some instructions about how to use it.

Then what?

Check Pharmacies page to make sure your pharmacy participates. The next time you go to the pharmacy to pick up your medication, bring the form and provide it at the counter. Normally, the pharmacy will enter the card's numbers into your profile on their system so you don't have to bring the card back again, but you might want to ask.